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Rice / Pulse / Spice


Non Basumati rice.

Long grain short grain parboiled and non parboiled both with exports quality. Non basmati long grain rice length 6mm, moisture 14%, DD 2%


Basumati rice.

Long grain Basumati rice parboiled non parboiled both with export quality .Our Basumati rice length 8mm moisture 14% DD 2%.


Short grain rice.

We have white swarna ir 36 short grain rice .


Indian cumin powder .

Cumin or jeera is an anciet Indian spice which has been used since the vidic times . This spice use in everyday cooking to ensure its sustained health benefits to the family.


Turmeric and corriender powder.


Turmaric and its most active compound curcumin have many health benefits such as the potetial to prevent heart dease ,Anti-inflamatory, antioxidant.This spice use in everyday cooking to ensure its sustained health benefits to the family .Corriender seeds helps in reducing bad cholestorol and promots good cholestorol in the body .these are rich in coper ,zink,iron and other essential minerals that increases RBC and improves heart health.


Red chilli powder:

Red chillis are jam packed with Vitamin C that helps in supporting the immune systemand combat choronic deases . prevent heart ailments .There are very powerful antioxidants in red chilli that helps in clearing blokages in blood vessels.


Moong dal or green gram.

We have premium and super premium quality of yellow moong dal or  moong lentils .Yellow moong lentis is agood source of protien and dietary fibre .It is low in fat and rich in B complex Vitamins.


Masoor dal or split red lentil.

We export  premium and super premium quality of red lentils or masoor dal .An extreamly beneficial dal for health ,that goes ell with any vegetables . It is loaded with protien vitamins , fibre , magnesium ,calcium that boost overall health.


Chana dal and green peas/ Mattar dal





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